This page is currently under construction! Honestly, it'll probably be "under construction" constantly. I'd love to keep adding to it, and there's tons of fun little functions that I either haven't figured out how to implement, or haven't discovered yet!

I've got my work cut out for me, but at least the barebones content I was planning from the start is all set and done! I want this page to be more than just a particularly complex, caard-esque bio. I'm pretty awful at coding, but I'll get there someday! This is all in good fun, I'm in no rush. I genuinely enjoy adding little quirks and personal touches to a site that's all my own (with a massive amount of help from I never had the chance to take part in the old web, but I'm happy to learn more about the culture! I'm having the time of my life out here.

Online Presence

There's not much you need to know, honestly. The things I post tend to be quite tame! I sometimes reblog or reference suggestive content, but never outright pornography. If that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, I understand! As for any other potential triggers, I try my best to tag my posts appropriately. Generally, be on the look out for references to/use of substances (usually alcohol, weed, or tobacco). There may be some occassional blood or scars depicted, but that's pretty rare. If I forget to tag something, feel free to dm me so I can fix it.

I mainly post my art on tumblr. It's nearly always fanart, with the occasional (totally undeveloped) OC. I absolutely love to draw my self-inserts with my favorite fictional fellas, so you'll see a lot of that too!

I'm often overtaken by hyperfixations of varying lengths, so I won't focus on a single fandom for too long. I switch up the topics I post about pretty frequently, but I just can't be fucked with making a new sideblog for every blorbo I obsess over.

Due to my social anxiety, I may come off as cold or awkward on occasion. Please know that I am trying my best, I just happen to be absolutely terrified of every human being ever.

I may go long periods without posting anything, but I promise I'm still active! Art block has been kicking my ass all year long, so please bear with me while I fight the good fight. I appreciate your patience, friend!

Finally, I am currently taking commissions! You can find my commission info here, and you can contact me through my tumblr. I appreciate anyone and everyone who considers this! :]

I'm pretty chill, but I have my limits!

The following groups of people can fuck right off -

* Bigots (this includes TERFS)

* Pedos/MAPS, Zoos, or people who support those groups

* People who perpetuate cringe culture

* People who engage in harassment (death threats, suicide-baiting, etc)

* Hardcore conservatives/right-wingers

Basically, just don't be an asshole! We'll get along just fine :]